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12 | Baby Hiatus

12 | Baby Hiatus
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Last Friday on March 9th, we welcomed Baby Tristan Munro. It was a beautiful, powerful, and fast labour that brought all 8lb 2oz of lovely baby boy into the world. Both my husband Alex and mother-in-law Jacquie were there to support me through delivery. Words for Parenting will take a slight pause in new content updates for a couple weeks while we get settled with our new family of four.

Baby Tristan has been our little knight for a while now. The short version of his journey is that I developed antibodies to the proteins in his blood and my body’s blood started to break down his red blood cells. This put him at risk for anemia and we were closely monitored for the last 3 months of pregnancy with at least weekly ultrasounds and visits to the specialist. 
Tristan received 2 intrauterine blood transfusions, which involved sticking a very long needle through my belly to give him some fresh blood to make up for the blood being broken down. It was actually very cool that they can do this and it meant that Tristan could stay in there and grow bigger and stronger. 
Now on the outside, his little body is working hard to flush out all the dead red blood cells. When blood cells get broken down they make bilirubin which causes jaundice. The levels can be kept down with light therapy and the staff at BC women’s NICU have been fantastic at helping the little guy through this. He’s still working through it, but hey, he gets to wear a pretty fashionable little mask to protect his eyes from the lights. 
A huge thank you to Alex’s Mum and Dad for looking after James while we care for Tristan, and the rest of our family who’ve been helping with food, fresh clothes, and happy smiles. Also, thank you to the team of nurses and doctors here at BC Women’s Hospital who have been amazingly supportive, and our midwives Carolyn and Andrea who have been diligently been helping us through recovery. 
–Alanna Munro
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