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11 | You've Got This

11 | You've Got This
By Words For Parenting • Issue #11 • View online

International Women’s Day 2018
Today, I’m thinking of all women.
Today, I’m thinking of three women in my family. Our past. Our present. Our future.
You’ve got this Josephine. Mum, at 94, your body’s strength is firmly rooted in your history. As a young girl, to defy patriarchy, you chose to only ever pray to the mother. You slept in your own bed through bombing raids. You moved continents to bring your son and future family to a safer country. You love without end. You help us to remember our shared past.
You’ve got this, Sarah. My daughter. You were named after another strong woman who journeyed to the front lines in France to rescue her injured son from war. You descend from women of the Hebrides who could pull heavy fishing boats up onto rocky beaches. You, too, are the mother of sons, boys born on the same day. You show them how to live boldly in the now, every day. You jump through every hoop. You are fierce. You persevere. You are loved. You are present.
You’ve got this, Alanna. My daughter-in-law. You come from people who lived on the last and first edges of the world, the Outer Hebrides and Iceland. One ancient, the other still growing into the sea with lava and fire. Your second son will be born before the end of tomorrow, already saved by the blood of another woman’s son or daughter. You are brave. You are fierce. You are strong. You are loving. You have one foot in the future.
These three women are the closest to me in this world. They symbolize all women. Who are your three?
You are all connected.You are all fierce.You are all strong.You are all loved.You’ve got this.
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