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Helpful phrases for raising healthy, independent children delivered weekly to you inbox.

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14 | Later We Are Going To...

Adults like to have a plan for what is coming next in their day. Children are no different. When they know what’s happening later, it can help them balance their emotions and better handle the transition between activities.I get so many phone calls from clien…


13 | Thank You

Words for Parenting has been on a break for a few weeks while mama and lettering artist Alanna has been settling in at home with the family Alex, James and Tristan after Tristan’s birth and care at BC Children’s Hospital NICU.Jacquie (that’s me) has been hold…


12 | Baby Hiatus

Baby Tristan has been our little knight for a while now. The short version of his journey is that I developed antibodies to the proteins in his blood and my body’s blood started to break down his red blood cells. This put him at risk for anemia and we were cl…


11 | You've Got This

International Women’s Day 2018Today, I’m thinking of all women.Today, I’m thinking of three women in my family. Our past. Our present. Our future.You’ve got this Josephine. Mum, at 94, your body’s strength is firmly rooted in your history. As a young girl, to…


10 | That Was Hard

“That was hard” is a judgement-free way to acknowledge that your child’s struggles are real, powerful, and valid. It shows that you have empathy for how they are feeling and strengthens your trust and connection.At some point, all children will have a tantrum…


09 | What Part Do You Need Help With?

You can offer support without taking over. Before jumping in, you can ask “Would you like my help?” If yes, you can say “What part do you need help with?”At two and a half, my grandson James has reached the point where he really lets us all know when he wants…


08 | I Love You

With our words and touch we express our love for our little ones. We trace lines that have been drawn many times before us. We continue this circle and expand our world from one generation to the next. I Love You.Circling your face, Jack,I trace the roundness…


07 | Sticks Need Space

A stick helps your child’s imagination grow but creates unease among the surrounding adults. Explaining that “sticks need space” can help them play with their stick/wand/horse/sword more safely...Read More on Medium


06 | Tell Me About It

Opening up a conversation with your little ones helps their creativity thrive and gives them an outlet to express big feelings. “Tell me about it” prompts them to talk about their thoughts rather than interjecting your own into the conversation...Read more on…


05 | I'll Be Here

Children have a big job of exploring the world through play. They discover the limits of their abilities best when they are allowed to play uninterrupted. We can help them feel comfortable in this exploration by saying “I’ll be here,” so they know they are su…


04 | I Wonder

You don’t have to have all the answers. Resist the urge to answer or supply the “correct response” and allow the exploration of wonder and imagination. Through trial, error and discovery, children unravel the mystery of the world at their own pace...Read More…


03 | I Won't Let You...

“I won’t let you” sets a firm and confident boundary without raising stress levels. It can be paired with gentle physical intervention and is especially important in situations where you need to stop a behaviour to protect your child or others from getting hu…


02 | I Hear You

Little kids have big emotions that seem to be set off by the smallest things sometimes. If we acknowledge their feelings and say “I hear you” we let them know that their emotions are valid, which helps them work through their feelings and move on...Read more …


01 | You Did It!

Saying “good job” gives the child validation from an external source, which might keep them searching for that validation from others. When we say “you did it!” the sense of pride and validation comes from within.